Saturday, November 28, 2009

TSH at 17.5

This afternoon when I got back from my bike ride I received lab report in the mail (I was expecting it on Monday). As I suspected my TSH was at 17.5 - very high. I am glad I listened what my body was telling me.

Abnormal normalcy

After 5 months the changes are still happening, but not on the daily basis. Since I got rid of almost all major problems, I was sure that I could get rid of them all. My thyroid is bad, and for the last 10 years I have been taking supplements. I tried all, even homeopathic sulphur. The synthetic replacement did not really work, as I had to increase the dose every few months. Homeopathy worked (!) but not for long. The one consistently good product was Armour Thyroid. It combines T3 and T4 and generally is not favored by doctors (my doctor laughed that this is throwback to 50s and Elvis lives) but he could not argue with success – my TSH went down from mid teens to under 1. I have been taking it ever since. Unfortunately, the supply of Armour was greatly affected by production problems and I was not able to get it. I thought that this is a good blessing and I will try to see how I am doing without it. After four weeks I knew something is wrong. I was constantly cold, my skin was dry, and all old hypothyroid symptoms were there. Before Thanksgiving I had lab work done but I did not get results yet. Nevertheless, I dug out the 5 stashed pills and started to take them. The results are instant – chills are gone. In two days I will get lab work back, but I felt like I could not wait.
Other observations: after of 5 months the hunger came back. I am analyzing it. Is it real? The fact is I did not lose a single pound in 9 days now. I did not overeat for sure, but I think I need to have more exercise. Today a bike ride is planned.
So things are getting back to normal, but they are far from normal yet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Months

Tomorrow will be 5 months since the surgery. 92 lbs lost, 74 since the surgery. My system is getting used to my new stomach and digestive tract; pouch is no longer as angry as before. I remember when I was applying for the surgery and there was a very good chance that it would have to be postponed until December. In my conversation with the B.C. manager, I said “By December I already could have been 100 lbs lighter”. Well, almost there.
I am still 46 lbs to my goal, but I am beginning to see the horror of loose skin. I am sure that the next 46 lbs will create more dramatic change. I will deal with it later, when my weight stabilizes.
Diabetes and apnea are gone FOREVER!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Am I Losing My Mind?

Since the previous weekend proved that I could handle salad, I decided on my way home to stop at the store and take some home. I went to the salad bar, and carefully picked what would seem like sensible choices. I was ready to leave, when I glanced at the miniature watermelons and thought – why not. As I was walking to pickup watermelon, I remembered that I am out of milk. On my way to the dairy cooler, I walked past the meat counter, and they had these little NY steaks (about 6 oz each) at greatly reduced price. Last weekend I also successfully had piece of prime rib, so I decided to buy few and stack them in the freezer. After I loaded gallon of milk, I also recalled that I am out of yogurt. Getting yogurt, I also got some frozen cherries and blueberries. My basket was full and my little salad trip was $50.
Because of the terrible parking situation I usually ride to the university on my very large scooter. I have side bags and very spacious trunk. I had to remove all stuff and distribute it in my scooter luggage. In my garage I had to move everything again into a cart and finally I made it home. Since it was cold and rainy, I changed into my comfortable warm robe, and unpacked the grocery. But I could not find my salad. I left it in the store. There was no way I would dress again and ride there, so I just decided to forget about it, and prepared one of the steaks. The grilled steak turned out absolutely perfect, I had only half of it, with some beans, and I started to feel ‘funny’ (unfortunate word as I was not laughing). Within no more than 5 minutes the steak ended up in the toilet in sort of unusual violent vomiting.
So I went to get a salad, which I left in the store, purchased all kinds of stuff I was not planning. The punishment was instant. Is there a lesson here, or just coincidence?

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Stella:

I am not sure if there is a real difference in soy based and whey based protein powder. There are also organic health food alternatives, based on rice, hemp, and nopales (cactus). Of course they claim that whey protein will kill you 8^).
Since I switched to unflavored protein, I found that soy changes the food taste more than whey or rice. Also, there is a link on thyroid deficiency and soy based products, but I am not sure how serious this is.
Yogurts are great, but plain yogurt (which I like) is eventually getting to be too boring. Fruit flavored yogurts, on the other hand, are full of sugar. I started to buy frozen berries and cherries, and blend some plain (preferably organic) yogurt with frozen fruits and a little bit of Splenda. This creates very good tasting 'smoothie'.
Good luck to you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Normal Life Returns

I am able to return to almost normal food. I had piece of Prime Rib, salad, spinach salad without any adverse reaction. (Still, some fruits, like grapes, feel like I am swallowing acid.) That return to normalcy is welcome, but scary event. I fear old habits. I hope that that fear will be my guardian.
My energy levels are constantly going up and definitely I know that the worse is behind me. I am determined to have that past suffering not go in vane. I will reach my goal and will stay there. And I pray that I will never lose my fear.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Weekend out of Town Survived

Last weekend I went out of town and for three days I was depended on eating out. Well - I survived without any problems. Of course, I had to be careful, and light string cheese save me couple of times.

The more I think about the surgery, the more I consider this to be a miracle. Now my sleep apnea is gone. I was sleeping with CPAP ( a noisy 'breathing machine') since 1997. This time I could travel without it and sleep without it.
I was nervous about the surgery, I was worried about possible complications, threat of depression, etc. As it turns out, the surgery was a blessing, a gift. That gift was absolutely worth the discomfort, pain, nausea, and other side effect. They almost all had disappeared, but the weight loss, end of diabetes, end of apnea is here to stay.