Sunday, July 26, 2009

Improvement Continues

I see the nice path of uneven, but steady, improvement. No more nausea, that one week was enough. I am almost back to 'normal' - with one exception. I get tired and sleepy very easily. I am not fighting it - but I know it will also pass.

I decided to keep strict log of all my food. My motivation is to make sure that I get enough protein (min 60-70g) daily
with as little calories as possible.

All food I eat I enter into my spreadsheet with a standard portion size, calories and grams of protein. For each food I get the ratio of the calories from protein to the total calories.

On another sheet I keep daily log with food, portion, and the look-up of calories, protein, and ratio.

Today I had so far 368 calories and 38g of protein. That means the ratio is 41.57%

I'm ready for dinner.

(After dinner addition: 613 calories, 75g protein. Ratio: 48.8%)