Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Progress (at least mental kind)...

Doing something is so much more invigorating than waiting for something to happen...
Today I have seen the whole team working on me at the Radiology Associates inside the Sacred Heart. I am impressed about the involvement of Dr. Z (Zawierucha, but nobody other than me can pronounce his name), his PA, and  4-5 other people assisting. I am impressed. I feel they are on my side. Dr. Z. is experienced in fighting persistent seromas  and I feel good about it.
He inserted two drains, and flushed the insides with 100cc providone-iodine. I was expecting some burning discomfort, however that is totally painless. I am suppose to inject myself twice daily, keep it for one hour, and drain it. They also did not find anything deep, at the radiology they used X-Rays as well as ultrasound.
I also seen the very concerned Dr. Movassaghi. That is another team that is on my side. I feel blessed to have so much support. He informed me that all my lab results are just great, I am as healthy as teenager 8^) (his words). So may be the very rapid and voluminous seroma build up created all that pressure making me sick, and there is nothing more. I know that this recovery is a real challange, but I could not have a better support than from Dr. M. and his staff, and now from Dr. Z, and his staff. They all have my gratitude.
Dr. Z will be in charge for the next few weeks until it heals - which he promised it will! That will spare the otherwise necessary surgery.
Tonight I am wiped out, but I have new dose of optimism.