Monday, June 29, 2009

First day at work

I am at work - few hours. I rode my scooter (slowly). I was going to take a bus or car, but scooter is the most convenient. Lucky for me, this is maxi-scooter  500CC Piaggio, plenty of legroom and power.
I will be going home soon, I am ready for my tomorrow lecture. I will be a zombie for the rest of the day.


We are lucky in Eugene to have such modern new facility. Here was the view from my bed on McKenzie River and Coburg Hills. If environment heals, that is it. Private rooms for all. Wonderful staff. Totally different hospital experience.
Thank you all at Sacred Heart.


One on my friends sent me an email with her expectations of outcomes for losing weight.

I am scared to have so many.

It is easy for me to blame failure in the relationship on my weight. But I also know I lot of fat people in great relationships. So I do not want to state a goal of having relationship – because it is possible that I have to change much more than weight.

Improving looks might not work very well for 62 year old. I might look like 100 after losing weight. Again – that is not my goal.

Etc, etc.

For me the fear of mental disappointment is great – so I keep my expectations simple. Everything else is in the wind.

Day 5

Four days after surgery. The ONLY complaint I have is discomfort sleeping on the side. I usually do not sleep on my back, in the hospital the bad was raised and facilitated laying on the back. I feel better taking naps in my recliner. Overall - if this is all - it is not too bad.

Rosemary from the Oregon Bariatric Center called me to check my progress. I am so impressed with them. Thanks to you Rosemary for facilitating that last minute insurance approvals, thanks to you Karlyn for offering advice, preparation, and being such patients' advocate, and big thanks to Dr. Yarbrough for his masterful work.

I have no problems eating protein mixes, I added some bananas and apple into a blender with mix, actually it tasted very good. I am walking with a small 18oz water bottle, sipping all the time.
In couple of hours I am planning to get to work. I think I will take a bus.