Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 8 - Allergic Reaction

Afternoon - slight step backwards. I developed allergic reaction to something. Big, bad rash around 2 inches around all 6 incision holes. I was able to see the surgeon and I should take some Benadryl and some prescription topical cream. I just hope it will not get any worse. Two years ago I had small procedure and I developed really bad allergic reaction with rash, sores, itching, etc. I hope I can avoid this. So this is the first unexpected negative happening. Hope it will stop right here.

Day 8 - Second Week

Today is one week after surgery. I had my second lecture, it went great. This week’s physical stamina was a big question mark before the surgery, but in reality all turned out to be just a speed bump. Back to cruising. From now on I will concentrate this blog on Bariatric Trip, not on teaching.

Sleeping is still the most bothersome part, but every night it gets better. One more week of liquid diet, and I am not bothered by it. So far
I have yet to experience hunger. I was warned that my taste will change, and it really did. Everything is much more intense. I had some milk and I had to check the carton if it is the same stuff. It tasted incredibly aromatic, with some hints of smoke, all hard to describe.