Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eight Weeks

This is the last time I am counting weeks. 8/25/2009 will mark two months since the surgery and from now on months it is!
This morning I was greated by a pleasant surprise, I lost 2.4 lb since yesterday!
I am now at 241.6 lbs (109.6 Kg). Goodie, goodie.
Someow after almost two months I still have problems concentrating on my work for more than few hours. Is it the reaction on the reduced caloric intake? Still healing? Brain preoccupied with the new life? I don't know - but I am forcing myself to overcome that 'attention deficit annoyance'. I really don't like it, since I am preparing for the next year teaching and I feel like I am falling behind.
I developed some Pavlovian conditioning reflexes. Chewing food, over and over, that was something I could never learn - but after unpleasant consequences, I am finding myself now chewing, chewing, and chewing automatically. Another instict developing is to stop after each bite and evaluate if there is room for one more... Now I rather stop instead of facing the wrath of the pouch.