Sunday, November 7, 2010

Relief is not long lasting

The fever came back to 99.8 and swelling returned. I am off to bed and sleep.

I am still in the woods...

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Alien Encounter

I feel that there was a major battle inside my system yesterday, and I won!
I slept 12 hours, woke up with no fever, swelling significantly down, and feeling MUCH, MUCH better. Energy is back.
I still have no clue what was all this, I will call it an alien encounter. Some invasion of a body snatcher... You get the picture. But I see that I am getting over it. I will have to go to school today to catch up with a lot of work, but otherwise will take it easy.
I lost more weight, and I am down to 195 lbs!!!
That latest weigh loss has more to do with me being sick than anything else.
I have some technical issues with one of the drains which leaks when I inject the betadyne. No big problem, but it will be more wasted time by going to the hospital - and nothing there takes less than 2 hours...
I will have to go there Monday.