Saturday, February 13, 2010

Low Energy and No Weight Loss Continues

I really tried last week. I biked to work, went to the gym and joined Strength and Conditioning class. People were jumping, music was blasting, it was hard to keep up. Lets face it, I am not 20 year old, not even 60 8^)
Eventually we used mats to do some exercises laying down. As soon as I lay down, I felt like falling asleep. I was suppose to be reinvigorated, but was not.
I started taking 5000 mcg B12 daily (instead of weekly), extra iron. I will stick with extra physical activities and give it two more weeks.
I'm also scared that I still did not develop healthy habits for eating three meals at scheduled times. I am OK in the morning, but later things are getting hectic and I just grab a piece of the protein bar when get hungry. That meal planning is my priority #2. I started to log all food I consumed and keep the total calories/protein current.
I feel like I am at the crossroads and old life is still hunting me. I am still 35 lbs away from my goal, traveled long distance, but have not arrived at the destination.