Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nutritional Database Web Site

I my search for the nutritional analysis I came across very good site:
They break down foods not only into a basic 'Nutrition Facts', but also into many graphical interpretations. Please check it out.

One month

Today is one month since the surgery.
Last two days were pretty good - no nausea, no puking for 48 hours! I eat different foods, no adverse reaction.
My blood sugar this morning was down to 127! This is phenomenal! I am getting VERY close to normal. For one month I have not had any insulin, Byetta, Metformin! It looks that (as promised) my diabetes is gone! And that was my goal #1. My weight today was 257.8, new low. The infected incision is finally healing.
I am still feeling physically tired - I still sleep a lot, but the spirit is high.