Friday, April 16, 2010

Great progress but only for these who knew me before. 8^)

I just returned from a conference in Seattle. Before I flew out, I took a walk around Westlake Center since I had about 40 minutes to kill. In front of the center four cops on horses stood in a nice line overlooking lively crowd. I walked to one and started to chat.
- Why horses and not bicycles or scooters? (possible crowd control),
- Is each horse being handled by a single cop? (yes),
- Is the other cop's horse a real Clydesdale? (no, he is half Clydesdale, you see that cop is a large guy like you - he needs a big horse)....

At that moment my shoes lost their shine,  my eyeglasses fogged, and thunder shook my whole foundation.
OK - I knew I still need to loose 30 lbs, but I didn't expect to hear it from a Seattle cop on horseback...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Continues

The energy is still there. I am going to the gym and enjoying it. I even placed my profile on couple of dating sites

Somehow finally I feel very contend about who and where I am.

I have been walking or biking to work daily, and the inner-energy reversal is truly amazing.
But - my weight still did not dip below 200 lbs.
However - I lost few inches on my waist, and yesterday I purchased athletic shorts size SMALL and they fit!.
So I will not panic - with the exercise there will be a balance of muscle building (added weight) and loss of fat (weight loss). I am not happy about my still larger then wished for belly, but overall I feel (and look) great!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good turn-around, finally

I sound like a cliche broken record when I repeat this recent roller-coaster ride. Things looked bleak for a while. After my visit to my doc and after the labs returned all OK results, I started to look for clues somewhere else.

Sometime few months before the surgery I was stressed out and I lost some of my trademarked realistic perception, and my doc suggested to take Prozac which should put me on the right track. Since one of my biggest worries about the surgery was the depression that many patients experience afterward, I decided to continue taking it until I know that I am out of the woods. That decision was actually suggested by my bariatric surgeon, who also warned me about serious possibility of depression. To make the long story short, after the lab results came in and showing nothing wrong, I decided to get off Prozac. It took couple of weeks, but the vail of energy loss and physical exhaustion had lifted. Just as before I could not stay awake, now I exercise, sleep only few hours and being rested rest of the day, etc. Another amazing thing happened - my suddenly increased appetite went back to the new 'normal' behavior where few bites are generally satisfying and more is not needed.

I finally joined and attended regularly scheduled class at the gym that combines cardio and strength exercises, my head is clear, body is willing, and life is wonderful.
On the negative side - I am still above 200lbs and my weight oscillates between 201-204, but now I know for sure that I am back on track and the forward trip will continue.
Stay tuned.