Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to the baby steps

I was worried that with all my problems I am not getting enough nutrition. I tried again the protein mix - and it worked. Almost instantly the energy came back and I went for one hour bike ride. What was amazing was this: so far today I ate around 800 calories, but one hour bike ride consumed about 500.
Let's see what the weight scale shows tomorrow.

Life is Interesting

Life is interesting, specially when it is full of surprises and traps. Last two days are just like that. A single soft boiled egg in the morning causes 30 minutes of 'plugness' (I coined this word - combination of being plugged and stuffed). Instead of going out - 30 minutes in the easy chair. There were at least five unpredictable episodes during the last two days. According to the others - this will pass. The problem is that there is no repeat pattern, or may be there is - but I don't see it.