Saturday, July 11, 2009

Energy gone

Saturday afternoon. I went to work for few hours, but I am back home due to the lack of energy similar to the early part of last week. I believe my infection is taking it's toll on my system. I started antibiotics yesterday and at least it is not getting worse, but it is painful, and fighting it takes some effort from my weakened stamina.
On my way home I stopped at the Saturday Market hoping that the Hippie vibes will help, but had to go home. I am off to bed, to sleep. So far sleeping was the best medicine - no reason to believe that it will not work again.

Blood Sugar - goal #1

This morning my BS was at 144. I have not taken anything for the diabetes, no insulin, no Byetta, no Metformin. The trend is unmistakable. About one month before the surgery I started to keep daily log of morning weight and BS. During that time before surgery I was dieting to meet my pre-op required 15 lbs weight loss. I think the chart tells the whole story. I am getting very excited about the results so far. Diabetes were my #1 reason for the surgery, and so far it looks like results are just fantastic, and it is only 16 days...