Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One year anniversary approaching - abdominoplasty scheduled.

I am approaching one-year anniversary. Many thoughts, reflections, and resolutions.
  • My weight stabilized at slightly over 200 (last was 208) and it is not going down. To be honest, I do not exercise as much as I was hoping for, and I have plenty of excuses, but no good reason for not doing it.  I feel great, healthy, the tiredness is gone, but there is no great deal of newfound energy. It is sort of coasting on neutral.
  • I am very scared that my brain is still unchanged as I experience cravings for foods that are not exactly post-bariatric staple. I crave carbs, don’t care about meat. The fear of falling back to bad habits is real.
  • I made decision to have abdominoplasty with diastasis. Today I paid $4,000 down payment toward the surgery. The total cost will be around $10,000. Expensive, but part of my ‘reconstruction’. The surgery is scheduled for middle of August.
  • I am so glad I kept this blog as I can revisit my trip and read about stuff I already forgot.