Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disheartening Direction

While my blood sugar continues to be in the normal range, which is fabulous, my weight for the last two days went up and today it was 2.4 lbs higher than lowest three days ago. This is so disheartening on so many levels. I keep track of all my food. Saturday I had only 588 calories, Sunday 526, and yesterday 779. I feel exactly as I felt in my previous attempts to lose weight, where my system just refused to shed pounds. I am not cheating, not snacking, and on top of this, I exercise. I ride bicycle to school, walk, and generally I feel surplus of energy as in stark contrast to the previous few weeks. All I can say is that I will stay on track, and reach my second goal, even if it will not be a downhill ramp but a staircase.