Friday, April 16, 2010

Great progress but only for these who knew me before. 8^)

I just returned from a conference in Seattle. Before I flew out, I took a walk around Westlake Center since I had about 40 minutes to kill. In front of the center four cops on horses stood in a nice line overlooking lively crowd. I walked to one and started to chat.
- Why horses and not bicycles or scooters? (possible crowd control),
- Is each horse being handled by a single cop? (yes),
- Is the other cop's horse a real Clydesdale? (no, he is half Clydesdale, you see that cop is a large guy like you - he needs a big horse)....

At that moment my shoes lost their shine,  my eyeglasses fogged, and thunder shook my whole foundation.
OK - I knew I still need to loose 30 lbs, but I didn't expect to hear it from a Seattle cop on horseback...