Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tough Day

Today after the 'suction' at doctor office I had to spend the day at school. Two sessions of almost 2 hour lectures, each attended by well over 200 students. I ended up after 7 PM  really exhausted. The left side of my belly, where he drained that stuff, hurts somehow.
I needed to check my emails, catch up loose ends, and ready to go to bed.
This, I feel, is funny: I asked doctor about why after seven weeks the surgery site still accumulates liquid. He told me - "you had a major, really major surgery, not like some woman who had four pregnancies". Somehow when I think about it tonight, I almost feel proud.
Isn't that stupid?

Drain that stuff

I was seen by the wonderful Dr. Movassaghi today. Everything looks good, however the fluid is still accumulating. He tried to send me to the radiology again to locate and install new drain tube. I was VERY disappointed, as going back to that %*^%$#  drain with the reservoir ball hanging on my side, repeat of the evacuation of cats, etc, was something I did not want to deal with. Luckily he could not get an appointment soon enough, so he just drained it himself. We will check back on Friday and see if this will have to be repeated.
BTW, this will sound like a plug, but it is not. I am so impressed with this doctor. The result so far is greatly exceeding the expectation. I think he is a fantastic plastic surgeon, and very nice person on top of it. Thank you Dr. Movassaghi. We are lucky to have you here in Eugene, Oregon.
Today I am also finishing my antibiotics. I feel reasonably good, however I have my first two lectures today and the last one ends at 7:15 PM. I do worry about my stamina and potential swelling. We'll see how it goes.
So the continuous fluid accommodation is my major concern right now.