Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Months!

When I woke up from the surgery and turned on TV I found out that Charlie's Angel had died. A little bit later Michael Jackson. From now on I do not need to remember my surgery day as every month and every year I will be reminded about it.
After two months the success in fighting off diabetes is obvious. Since 8/8/09 I have not had a single BS reading above 120! The weight loss is significant, but it is somehow stalled again. Five days ago I had 241.6 and for the last 5 days I am within .5 lb every morning, but I am not dropping. But I was warned that this is how it will be. Weigh loss is not linear. I am still not comfortable eating solid foods like steak, but cheese and fish is OK. My emotional condition is great, very upbeat spirit, and I am slowly reaching my previous mental stamina. I am mentioning this as many WLS patients experience depression, and that was one of my pre-op concerns. So far the concern unfounded...