Saturday, November 14, 2009

Am I Losing My Mind?

Since the previous weekend proved that I could handle salad, I decided on my way home to stop at the store and take some home. I went to the salad bar, and carefully picked what would seem like sensible choices. I was ready to leave, when I glanced at the miniature watermelons and thought – why not. As I was walking to pickup watermelon, I remembered that I am out of milk. On my way to the dairy cooler, I walked past the meat counter, and they had these little NY steaks (about 6 oz each) at greatly reduced price. Last weekend I also successfully had piece of prime rib, so I decided to buy few and stack them in the freezer. After I loaded gallon of milk, I also recalled that I am out of yogurt. Getting yogurt, I also got some frozen cherries and blueberries. My basket was full and my little salad trip was $50.
Because of the terrible parking situation I usually ride to the university on my very large scooter. I have side bags and very spacious trunk. I had to remove all stuff and distribute it in my scooter luggage. In my garage I had to move everything again into a cart and finally I made it home. Since it was cold and rainy, I changed into my comfortable warm robe, and unpacked the grocery. But I could not find my salad. I left it in the store. There was no way I would dress again and ride there, so I just decided to forget about it, and prepared one of the steaks. The grilled steak turned out absolutely perfect, I had only half of it, with some beans, and I started to feel ‘funny’ (unfortunate word as I was not laughing). Within no more than 5 minutes the steak ended up in the toilet in sort of unusual violent vomiting.
So I went to get a salad, which I left in the store, purchased all kinds of stuff I was not planning. The punishment was instant. Is there a lesson here, or just coincidence?