Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 12 - powered by eggs

After taking a nap, I woke up again very light-headed. I started to suspect the lack of food as a culprit and decided to break one more guideline. I soft-boiled couple of eggs and withing one hour my energy was restored. At 6 PM I rode for the support group meeting for 'novices' - folks before or withing 3 months after surgery. The talk was given by a local plastic surgeon about body contouring procedures. Fun.
It is evening now - I feel great, and preparing for my tomorrow's lecture.

Day 12 - energy gone

I packed to go to work, but had to stop in the pharmacy to pick up medicine. After that I rode my scooter to the store to get some ripe bananas. After that I was exhausted and went home. I will work from home...
But first - a little nap.
It is funny how drained of energy I am now. I hope the banana will help.

Day 12 - New energy

I guess 4 days of sleeping was needed to speed up the healing process. I woke up this morning with a lot of energy that was missing in the last few days. It is Monday - I am going to school for few hours.