Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven Months

Today is 7 months since the surgery.

What's changed in these 7 months?
Everything. That is a short answer. Absolutely everything. That is a long answer.

My weight stabilized at 203 - which means 100lbs loss - but it is not going down... however - the belt is being tightened and new holes drilled. So I guess it is the weight redistribution. I went from pants size between 46-48 to 34-36. That is just about right, usually each inch in waistline corresponded to 10 lbs.
Today I decided to go back for two days on liquid protein diet - just to fight new bouts with hunger. I am as determined as ever to continue.

The challenges of the first few months were to cope with the surgery aftershocks. The future challenges will be more of the normal life adjustment. I can eat almost all, that is good and bad news. I still did not master slow and deliberate chewing - I am working on it. I still fight too many old habits, like not focusing on food while eating.
I still feel tired. So far other patients were telling me about their excess energy - I have none. My gym membership is still merely symbolic. I have a lot of excuses, and I know that they are only excuses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Six months medical checkup

Yesterday I had my 6-months checkup. All the lab tests looking great. They also took photographs. Here I am at the start of the process and yesterday. It shows how far I traveled already, but it also shows the road ahead.
My weight is coming off slowly, but I reached new low of 103.2 today.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year

Back to the new yearly routine.
I recall when I was waiting for approval for the surgery and facing with the possibility that either it will be soon or in December as no surgeries were scheduled for Aug-Nov, on June 19 I wrote:
By December I could be 100 lbs lighter…
well, by December I was 97 pounds lighter. I also wrote about my fears and hopes. Fears did not materialized, hopes were met.
For this year resolutions:
  1. Exercise - I am still not very dilligent. I still feel tired often.
  2. Continue to loose weight until my goal of 165 lbs is met 
  3. and keep it FOREVER under 170 lbs.