Friday, June 25, 2010

It's My First Surgiversary!!!

Today is my WLS one-year anniversary.
Good news: I lost almost 100 lbs, diabetes and apnea are gone.
Bad news: I never reached my goal (so far).
My scheduled abdominoplasty is in 7 weeks and saga continues.
Overall, I am very happy about my decision, and 80% happy with the results.
I am not sure if my goal was realistic as 165 lbs was the weight when I was in my thirties. However, I still hope to get there.
Long time ago I quit smoking and after I quit, I had some nightmares that I took a cigarette again. I knew that one cigarette would bring the old addiction back. However, now it is different, because I have to eat. It is like quitting cigarettes, but in order to survive you must have few… 8^)
It is difficult to stay focused as my cravings have returned, and the fear of getting back to old habits is very real. I decided not to make any resolutions, as I did not keep so many before. Resolutions not kept made me feel like a failure even when there was great deal of success.
The journey continues, the destination is still NOT within the sight, but much, much closer.