Friday, June 25, 2010

It's My First Surgiversary!!!

Today is my WLS one-year anniversary.
Good news: I lost almost 100 lbs, diabetes and apnea are gone.
Bad news: I never reached my goal (so far).
My scheduled abdominoplasty is in 7 weeks and saga continues.
Overall, I am very happy about my decision, and 80% happy with the results.
I am not sure if my goal was realistic as 165 lbs was the weight when I was in my thirties. However, I still hope to get there.
Long time ago I quit smoking and after I quit, I had some nightmares that I took a cigarette again. I knew that one cigarette would bring the old addiction back. However, now it is different, because I have to eat. It is like quitting cigarettes, but in order to survive you must have few… 8^)
It is difficult to stay focused as my cravings have returned, and the fear of getting back to old habits is very real. I decided not to make any resolutions, as I did not keep so many before. Resolutions not kept made me feel like a failure even when there was great deal of success.
The journey continues, the destination is still NOT within the sight, but much, much closer.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One year anniversary approaching - abdominoplasty scheduled.

I am approaching one-year anniversary. Many thoughts, reflections, and resolutions.
  • My weight stabilized at slightly over 200 (last was 208) and it is not going down. To be honest, I do not exercise as much as I was hoping for, and I have plenty of excuses, but no good reason for not doing it.  I feel great, healthy, the tiredness is gone, but there is no great deal of newfound energy. It is sort of coasting on neutral.
  • I am very scared that my brain is still unchanged as I experience cravings for foods that are not exactly post-bariatric staple. I crave carbs, don’t care about meat. The fear of falling back to bad habits is real.
  • I made decision to have abdominoplasty with diastasis. Today I paid $4,000 down payment toward the surgery. The total cost will be around $10,000. Expensive, but part of my ‘reconstruction’. The surgery is scheduled for middle of August.
  • I am so glad I kept this blog as I can revisit my trip and read about stuff I already forgot.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free and Clear

OK - finally I had a visit to evaluate the CAT results - and I am free of any worries. The changes as compared to 2007 are non-existant - and life is sweet.
I had to admit that it was a little bit scary...