Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Challenges

I am facing new challenges at this stage. I blame myself for few problems, like not sticking to the regularly scheduled only three meals per day. I eat little, but more often than three times, as hunger strikes. Before, in the recovery stage, it was not an issue, now I see it as BIG issue. I still do not spend enough time to concentrate on meals. I still do not spend enough time to exercise. So these will be corrections I have to take soon, starting today.
On the other hand I feel like something is wrong. I am very tired, I fall asleep in the evening, but wake up at 5AM. I feel like an old lady not able to lift a bag of groceries. (I'm exaggerating, at least I feel like not willing to lift that bag). My tests are OK, thyroid went back to normal, so I am puzzled. In a week or two I will see my doctor if this continues.
My weight is still a notch above 200lbs, and it is stuck there. I am waiting for a new down step.
I am waiting for new found energy fountain. I need to find it soon.
In the meantime I am increasing doses of Iron, B12, and D3.