Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 7

Six days after surgery.
I am amazed how well I tolerate all what happened. I mix protein powders with milk, pieces of banana, or peach, or apple. The mixture that I tried before surgery was not so good – now tastes great. I was warned that I will have nausea, or vomiting. So far nothing like that.
Here are the first stats:
In March when I
officially filed all papers I was weighted at the doctor’s office and my weight was 303 lbs. By the time of pre-op my weight was 285. I lost 18 lbs before surgery (the condition was at least 15 lbs loss – or no go!). This morning I was at 273.4. Almost 30 lbs from the trip's start, and almost 12 lbs in six days since the surgery.
I hope that I can continue at the 30-15 lbs / month pace that would get me to my goal at around December / January.
I woke up today with some discomfort and I decided to work from home and get some pain med. Unfortunately, after taking it I will not take a chance on driving car or scooter.
Sleeping is still a problem – sleeping on left side is tolerable, right side is very painful. Unfortunately I woke up on my right side. But this is such a minor complaint.
This week is a week of reduced expectations. As long as I can stay on top of the lectures, students’ requests, and emails, I met my goal. Reduced expectations always make it easy.