Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome 4000 Visitors

I was silent for the last two weeks. In the meantime, 4000th ‘unique’ visitor visited me. From the emails I received and feedback posted, it looks like few people out there were influenced and somehow I feel that I contributed to their life or their decisions.
Thank you all for sharing with me that difficult navigation, Now the sailing is clear.

OK – so what is new?

Looks like I lost all the fat I should loose, but I still did not reach my weight goal. I just have to accept it. What is bothering me more is my still large belly (of course much smaller from what it used to be, but still sort of out of proportion). When I started to exercise and specially tummy workout, my belly was just exploding. When I tighten my muscles, I have a ridge running up and down the front. I visited bariatric surgeon and she suspects that:
  1. There is a small probability of hernia
  2. I have separated stomach muscles that would have to be surgically ‘stitched’ together.
I am scheduled to have a CAT scan on Wednesday to see what is inside. Hernia can be very easily repaired however full abdominoplasty would be difficult, expensive, and with significant recovery time. On top of this, insurance covers hernia repair, but considers abdominoplasty‘cosmetic’ and therefore not covered.
Other than this – I feel great. I do not regret this decision for even one moment.