Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting ready for the knife - again

I had my 3-hour pre-op yesterday and I am not excited at all. From all I heard the recovery from abdominoplasty with diastasis is nasty. Drain tubes and reservoirs, pain pump, unable to sleep in bed, well - hope that it will be worth it. My belly muscles are separated by 9 cm (about 3 ½ inches). That's a lot. Unfortunately, the doctor was not making any guarantees about the extent of the flattening of the stomach or sides. He promised significant improvement, but it’s extend will not be 100% predictable. I decided to hire someone to be with me 24hr for the first 3 days. I think it is too much to ask friends. This surgery means that second summer in a row will be spent mostly on recovery. I am still teaching and will be until the day before surgery.
I feel very much being under pressure, I have to deliver presentation for the department and the associate dean on Monday (very important), close out two summer classes, prepare everything for before surgery, and hire help. One of the new concerns will be my two cats. They have to be kept away from me – but since I will be in the living room recliner, that means problem. Of course they favorite sleeping place on my belly will be out of question, but also the cats’ hair represents a major infection concern when cleaning and replacing drain tubes. I am not ready to keep them locked out in the bedroom, as they have special healing powers.
My weight was at 213. Well, I am not in the mood for punishing myself.
BTW, today I turned 63!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today (7/13/10) my weight was 215lbs.
Still way too much but 7lbs loss in one day?
What's happenning?
I am not even updating the left column as I will go back there in no time.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today (7/12/10) I stepped on the scale and it showed 222lbs! I feel terrible and totally ashamed, to the point that I was very hesitant about making this post until I drop at least 15 lbs. I am failing!!!
I do not feel that I gained this much, my waistline is pretty much the same.
Stupid metabolism!!!
Lately I have been walking and biking daily. I have to keep strict food intake log again. I am such an efficient machine and it seems like I squeeze every last ounce of energy from anything I eat.
I am angry at myself. I hope that's for good.