Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting Statistic

Since I came back from the hospital on 6/27/09, 43 days passed. Out of these 43 days, 31 times my morning weight was at the new low.

Dumping? What the &^%$#?

Few great days were met with a temporary and very unpleasant setback. I stopped at friends house, had a bite of fish, slice of baked potato, some tomatoes. I felt like the potato got stuck, but few bites of watermelon seem to wash it down. At home I decided to supplement my protein and had few bites of beef liver. So far so good. One hour later the misery started. Pain, gagging, for the next 5 hours I puked probably 10 times. I was exhausted. Finally I took one Metoclopramide tablet. I am not sure if after 5 hours there was nothing left, or the pill worked, but things calmed out and I was able to get to sleep. Today I feel exhausted and afraid of touching any food. They warned me of similar episodes, called delayed dumping, but they should be caused by sweets or starchy carbs. I am not sure if one slice of potato qualifies.
Overall, that was a big minus for the pretty much great last few days. Oh, well, just take in what is coming and try to avoid the same mistake (if I only knew exactly what the mistake was).
It could have been the potato, but also the liver, or mustard I put on the liver...