Monday, November 8, 2010

No progress

I can only function for few hours. After that the swelling and pain becomes intolerable. I contacted my doctors again and decided that I will stop injecting myself with betadyne. At least I will eliminate one variable. The swelling is over 2" high. I also begin to worry about my rapid weight loss. Normally that would have been great news. But that is not "normally"...

I saw the end, but it was just a mirage.

I am waiting for phone call from the Radiology about fixing my drains. Have to go over there ASAP.
The night was OK - but heavily induced by pain pills. I need to find a better alternative.
The swelling is still there, not as big, but bigger than it was yesterday morning.
In 4 days it will be three months since the surgery and I did not expect to be in such shape. Sometimes I see the end, and sometimes the end is a moving target.
I lost another two pounds, I'm down to 193lbs.