Friday, August 14, 2009

Goal Milestones

I am looking forward to the few milestones that should happen not too far in the future.
First will be 100Kg (220.5lbs). Nice round number.
Next will be 215lbs (97.5Kg) - the weight at which I will cease to be 'obese' and will become just 'overweight'.
Finally another round number - 200lbs (90.7KG).
All these three goals should be accomplished within one month, and the first one (220lbs) I estimate will happen around the end of September, while end of October should see me getting under 200lbs.
At around middle of December I should reach 'normal' body weight ( 179lbs).
I should be able to achieve my final goal of 165 lbs in the middle of January.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than thinking and writing about it.