Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What a difference few hours makes.
I went outside, took my bike for a short - only 5 miles - ride and it felt wonderful.
I ate my supper made out of 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese, one teaspoon of yogurt, and about a teaspoon of alfalfa sprouts.
I also bought small (6 oz) container of organic blueberries, and slowly ate 3(!) fruits and could eat no more. BTW, I did not finish my cottage cheese / alfalfa mix.... I was definitely afraid to push my luck. At this rate this container will last me a week.

Under control

After miserable day, night, and morning, things calmed out.
I was going to cancel my class today, but after I threw-up early I felt better and class was just fine. After the lecture I went home and to bed. Now it is 7 PM and things are getting under control.

The infection is
finally going away, I did not react in any bad fashion to my next antibiotic pill, and I feel reasonably fine. I will go for a walk...

As I felt before - it was just a temporary setback.

I am planning to spend all day tomorrow at work. I am well behind in preparation for the next year. The good news is - I still have plenty of time.

Adventures in eating, pills, and pain

Yesterday was one weird day. I think antibiotics are hurting my stomach. I was in pain yesterday, during the night, and this morning after eating something I felt like I have to call university and cancel my class. Withing 5 minutes after taking antibiotic I violently threw up, and that just does not happen to me. Fortunately 20 minutes after this incident I started to feel much, much better. I am at work - lecture in 30 minutes.
Now I am not sure if this was caused by breakfast or the pill. Seems like I am learning to eat again.