Thursday, July 5, 2012

Third Anniversary

Few days ago I had third anniversary of my surgery. I had my usual yearly checkup - and doctor sounded an alarm. There was a possibility of gallbladder problem and I needed further tests. The likelihood of another surgery was not something I looked forward; since I recently recovered from second hernia surgery (first one was year ago). However additional tests and ultrasound proved negative and I am clear... But I waited with this post until I had more info. Gallbladder complications are usual for bariatric bypass patients and 30% experience its removal. I am happy with not having that problem. Somehow I did not know that statistic (or may be just did not pay attention).

My weight stabilized at around 210 lbs. That is NOT where I was hoping to be, but it's also not a bad place on the scale… This is the weight I had when I decided to have abdominoplasty, and then I dropped to 188 lbs. with all the infections, etc. I would like to get down to 180, but I am not totally unhappy with where I am.

 The side effects of the surgery after 3 years are minimal. I can eat anything, and still in small quantities, meaning that the pouch did not stretch.

Overall, I never looked back – the surgery was the best present I could give myself. I would have been very sick by now with diabetic complications, but I am much healthier now than 10 years ago, and in much better shape.