Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wasted Day

Today the upset pouch continued to punish me - but in sort of tricky way. Morning I was OK - had small breakfast, had a piece of salmon for lunch, so far so good. By early afternoon - I am stuck - feel awful, things are sitting under my throat. The whole evening's like this. I am not going into details, but it is not pleasant.

Sort of Remarkable Date

OK - today marks the TENTH day my weight did not change, 242.2 lbs this morning.
Ten days!
I would have been seriously worried about it had I not have the surgery, now I just see it as annoying oddity with the absolute certainty that weight loss will continue. Others went through similar experiences, but somehow these 10 days defy the laws of physics.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Predictable Unpredictability

At the last support group meeting on Tuesday we talked about the post-bariatric surgery nutrition. One of the recommended foods was quinoa. Friday I visited friends and they had quinoa with their dinner. I tried some, and it was great. OK - new discovery. On my way home I stopped at the store and picked up organic quinoa in bulk and in the package. Today I made some for diner. That was 3 hours ago, have been puking since....

Stalled Ride

Today is the 9th day I have not lost any weight!. Oh well, it will happen, but this is unnerving. My body is pulling the same trick it always did, holding on to the extra weight as it's most precious possession. This time I will win, stupid body!
Two days ago I spent most of the day on the coast, looking at some real estate. When it came time for a dinner, we (my Realtor and I) went to a local seafood place. I had a small cup of clam chowder, ate half, talked for 15 minutes, and finished it. That officially marked my first time since the surgery I ate something at the restaurant. Chowder is not the best diet food, but being able to eat only few ounces, no bread, no butter, nothing else, is not bad for the dinner 8^)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Months!

When I woke up from the surgery and turned on TV I found out that Charlie's Angel had died. A little bit later Michael Jackson. From now on I do not need to remember my surgery day as every month and every year I will be reminded about it.
After two months the success in fighting off diabetes is obvious. Since 8/8/09 I have not had a single BS reading above 120! The weight loss is significant, but it is somehow stalled again. Five days ago I had 241.6 and for the last 5 days I am within .5 lb every morning, but I am not dropping. But I was warned that this is how it will be. Weigh loss is not linear. I am still not comfortable eating solid foods like steak, but cheese and fish is OK. My emotional condition is great, very upbeat spirit, and I am slowly reaching my previous mental stamina. I am mentioning this as many WLS patients experience depression, and that was one of my pre-op concerns. So far the concern unfounded...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Weekend, Bad Grapes!

Finally I broke through my 'mental distractions' and made a real good progress on my next academic year preparation. I had to throw away some self-imposed restrictions and now I think I have great workable plan. This is important!
The cherry season ended - and few cherries I tried (with caution) did not cause any problems. Now I tried grapes. After no more than a small handful I started to feel 'not right'. 15 - 20 minutes later the 'dumping' happened. What an unpleasant experience. I am still puzzled why cherries were OK but grapes are no-no.
Every new food is a potential trap and unpredictable surprise.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obesity Discussion Forum

I discovered the Obesity Discussion forum, and I feel that it will be a great resource for support and exchange of ideas. Please check if interested in the topic. I was surprised to see how much negative feedback is made regarding weight loss surgeries, but I actually understand it. The surgery carries a large risk, and by no means guarantees success. However I am also glad that I went through it. My diabetes is gone - and that has nothing to do with diet. The doctor stated that they really do not know how it works, but the surgery makes one very sensitive to insulin, where insensitivity was before. I have been overweight for the last 25 years. Up, down, but the trend was up. Every year I promised myself to end that! And every year I failed. The decision for the surgery is a simple acknowledgment that I am not going to fool myself any more. This is my new chance, new opportunity. I will not waste that.
As they say - it is a tool, not a solution. I embraced that tool.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not Ready to Eat Out!

Today is Saturday, and as usual it is a day for a Saturday Market in Eugene, as well as Farmer's market. Among the stands there was local coastal fish place, and they were grilling samples of their tuna. I purchased two pieces on a stick, each about 1 oz.. Tuna was excellent, but now I am in my office deliberating if I should keep it in captivity or release it into the wild. It is sitting right under my throat, and totally undecided if it should go down or up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eight Weeks

This is the last time I am counting weeks. 8/25/2009 will mark two months since the surgery and from now on months it is!
This morning I was greated by a pleasant surprise, I lost 2.4 lb since yesterday!
I am now at 241.6 lbs (109.6 Kg). Goodie, goodie.
Someow after almost two months I still have problems concentrating on my work for more than few hours. Is it the reaction on the reduced caloric intake? Still healing? Brain preoccupied with the new life? I don't know - but I am forcing myself to overcome that 'attention deficit annoyance'. I really don't like it, since I am preparing for the next year teaching and I feel like I am falling behind.
I developed some Pavlovian conditioning reflexes. Chewing food, over and over, that was something I could never learn - but after unpleasant consequences, I am finding myself now chewing, chewing, and chewing automatically. Another instict developing is to stop after each bite and evaluate if there is room for one more... Now I rather stop instead of facing the wrath of the pouch.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I see that there is an interest in my blog. Today I checked the map again (statcounter only keeps last 500 visits for free, and that is what I have). I am so glad to have so many visitors from so many places. Please write to me or comment.
Thanks for visits.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Goal Milestones

I am looking forward to the few milestones that should happen not too far in the future.
First will be 100Kg (220.5lbs). Nice round number.
Next will be 215lbs (97.5Kg) - the weight at which I will cease to be 'obese' and will become just 'overweight'.
Finally another round number - 200lbs (90.7KG).
All these three goals should be accomplished within one month, and the first one (220lbs) I estimate will happen around the end of September, while end of October should see me getting under 200lbs.
At around middle of December I should reach 'normal' body weight ( 179lbs).
I should be able to achieve my final goal of 165 lbs in the middle of January.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than thinking and writing about it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


During the previous weeks my biggest complain was my tiredness. About one week ago all this ended and if anything I have an excess of energy. Today I was giving the final exam to my students and found myself pacing from one end of the classroom to another all the time. I just could not sit down. And all this was possible after eating a single hard boiled egg. I am getting to be more and more happy about the surgery.

Seven Weeks!

Today is seven weeks since the surgery, and after unexpected spike in weight in the middle of the week, the weight came down to 247. Blood sugar remains in 100-110 range throughout the day.
I had gorgeous day on the canoe yesterday, without getting tired.
Life is wonderful, even if the piece of an apple in the evening did not agree with my pouch.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back on track

Today the weight reached new low of 248.8. lbs. I do not know how to explain these fluctuations. Blood sugar stays in the normal range, and I am off for a canoe excursion. First time this year.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disheartening Direction

While my blood sugar continues to be in the normal range, which is fabulous, my weight for the last two days went up and today it was 2.4 lbs higher than lowest three days ago. This is so disheartening on so many levels. I keep track of all my food. Saturday I had only 588 calories, Sunday 526, and yesterday 779. I feel exactly as I felt in my previous attempts to lose weight, where my system just refused to shed pounds. I am not cheating, not snacking, and on top of this, I exercise. I ride bicycle to school, walk, and generally I feel surplus of energy as in stark contrast to the previous few weeks. All I can say is that I will stay on track, and reach my second goal, even if it will not be a downhill ramp but a staircase.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I modified the chart by changing the scale for the BS (it used to start at 100, now it starts at 80) and the scale for weight minimum from 160 to 150. I created the Goal Zone, where BS ranges between 80-120 and weight will be below 179Lbs, which is not my final goal, but at that weight my BMI will be considered normal. As you can see I am already in the zone for blood sugar levels.!
To my surprise my weight went UP this morning. Oh well, it will come down. I had a big bike ride yesterday and my energy level is great.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting Statistic

Since I came back from the hospital on 6/27/09, 43 days passed. Out of these 43 days, 31 times my morning weight was at the new low.

Dumping? What the &^%$#?

Few great days were met with a temporary and very unpleasant setback. I stopped at friends house, had a bite of fish, slice of baked potato, some tomatoes. I felt like the potato got stuck, but few bites of watermelon seem to wash it down. At home I decided to supplement my protein and had few bites of beef liver. So far so good. One hour later the misery started. Pain, gagging, for the next 5 hours I puked probably 10 times. I was exhausted. Finally I took one Metoclopramide tablet. I am not sure if after 5 hours there was nothing left, or the pill worked, but things calmed out and I was able to get to sleep. Today I feel exhausted and afraid of touching any food. They warned me of similar episodes, called delayed dumping, but they should be caused by sweets or starchy carbs. I am not sure if one slice of potato qualifies.
Overall, that was a big minus for the pretty much great last few days. Oh, well, just take in what is coming and try to avoid the same mistake (if I only knew exactly what the mistake was).
It could have been the potato, but also the liver, or mustard I put on the liver...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Six Weeks!

Today is six weeks since the surgery. My blood sugar level this morning was 110! My weight is 251 lbs. 34 lbs loss since the surgery, 52 lbs loss since applying for the surgery. I am finally getting handle on my 'angry' pouch, but most importantly, my energy levels are increasing from day to day. The tiredness was my biggest complaint, but this is OVER! Nausea was my #2 problem, but this one is ALSO over.
Let the chart say the rest.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am no longer a diabetic!

From the blood sugar guidelines:
Upon waking up (and before breakfast), your levels should be between 80 and 120.
This morning my BS was at 118!
And WITHOUT any medications, insulin, etc.

Since I declared that diabetes was my #1 reason for the surgery - this is beyond expectations. It's only been 5 1/2 weeks.
On the other hand, my weight is coming down slowly lately.
In the last 7 days I only lost 2 lbs.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to the baby steps

I was worried that with all my problems I am not getting enough nutrition. I tried again the protein mix - and it worked. Almost instantly the energy came back and I went for one hour bike ride. What was amazing was this: so far today I ate around 800 calories, but one hour bike ride consumed about 500.
Let's see what the weight scale shows tomorrow.

Life is Interesting

Life is interesting, specially when it is full of surprises and traps. Last two days are just like that. A single soft boiled egg in the morning causes 30 minutes of 'plugness' (I coined this word - combination of being plugged and stuffed). Instead of going out - 30 minutes in the easy chair. There were at least five unpredictable episodes during the last two days. According to the others - this will pass. The problem is that there is no repeat pattern, or may be there is - but I don't see it.