Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Liquid is Still Accumulating

I am disheartened as I can feel the liquid bouncing back and forth. I called doctor's office and need to see him in the morning. I am afraid that I will have to have new drains placed, but in the morning I will have a meeting with his HUGE syringe with a major league needle. Somehow it resemble turkey baster.
I am now getting mentally exhausted. I feel like this thing is robing my energy, afternoon swelling and pain is taking it's toll. And I have to stay on top of lectures. There I feel like an actor on stage. When I lecture, I forget about my problems. I am 100% there. But after the performance - I am totally worn out.
Since it is  seven weeks since the surgery and the liquid is still accumulating, I also worry that my healing is not going the way it should, and now I just cannot afford to be anything less than 100% all the time.
Tonight I went to bed early hoping to have a nice long sleep. Unfortunately, one hour later my phone rang - wrong number, but it was over one hour ago and I cannot go back to sleep.
I do not want to turn off my phone as I expect call from doctor's office early in the morning about the time for visit, which has to be in the morning as I teach the whole afternoon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tough Day

Today after the 'suction' at doctor office I had to spend the day at school. Two sessions of almost 2 hour lectures, each attended by well over 200 students. I ended up after 7 PM  really exhausted. The left side of my belly, where he drained that stuff, hurts somehow.
I needed to check my emails, catch up loose ends, and ready to go to bed.
This, I feel, is funny: I asked doctor about why after seven weeks the surgery site still accumulates liquid. He told me - "you had a major, really major surgery, not like some woman who had four pregnancies". Somehow when I think about it tonight, I almost feel proud.
Isn't that stupid?

Drain that stuff

I was seen by the wonderful Dr. Movassaghi today. Everything looks good, however the fluid is still accumulating. He tried to send me to the radiology again to locate and install new drain tube. I was VERY disappointed, as going back to that %*^%$#  drain with the reservoir ball hanging on my side, repeat of the evacuation of cats, etc, was something I did not want to deal with. Luckily he could not get an appointment soon enough, so he just drained it himself. We will check back on Friday and see if this will have to be repeated.
BTW, this will sound like a plug, but it is not. I am so impressed with this doctor. The result so far is greatly exceeding the expectation. I think he is a fantastic plastic surgeon, and very nice person on top of it. Thank you Dr. Movassaghi. We are lucky to have you here in Eugene, Oregon.
Today I am also finishing my antibiotics. I feel reasonably good, however I have my first two lectures today and the last one ends at 7:15 PM. I do worry about my stamina and potential swelling. We'll see how it goes.
So the continuous fluid accommodation is my major concern right now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yearly (late) Checkup

Yearly checkup was a stunning success. All my very comprehensive lab work was great. I finally made picture comparison from before surgery, 6 months post, and now. My weight was slightly up or down after 6 months, so the six months picture shows my shape before abdominoplasty.
I cannot stop watching it myself. I am still in disbelief. All this was WORTH it - and I have pictures to prove it.
Now - get completely well and work those muscles!
(...what muscles?)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another 'End' is Near

This morning, two days shy of the 6 weeks from the surgery, the drain came out. I feel very much better, almost 60% normal. That is still not a lot, but comparing to the last few weeks it feels like heaven.
Today my cats will be sleeping in bed, on top of me, wherever they want. They were remarkable throughout this ordeal, like they sensed that there was something wrong and they just could not bother me. They have my great gratitude.
I am back at the University trying to catch up with my preparation for 450 students awaiting me next week. My TAs were keeping the preparations afloat, and like my cats, they have my utmost gratitude.
I am finally feeling glad to go through it. I hope this blog will come to the nice and happy conclusion soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday I felt real improvement. My head cleared up, the pain level and swelling went down. It seems like the last set of antibiotics is working. Yesterday I saw my doctor, he confirmed what I felt. The antibiotics will be extended for another seven days. The drain is still there and will stay until at least next Tuesday. That means almost 6 weeks!
I canceled my appointment at the Oregon Bariatric Center last week and will have it next Thursday. I'm still looking forward to having the pictures taken.  
The school starts in a week - and I am still not ready!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Third set of antibiotics gets me worried.

I honestly thought that by now I will be wrapping up this blog – as it supposed to document my ‘bariatric trip’ and now it should be almost over. Well, it is not.
Today I received a call from my surgeon and they switched (AGAIN) antibiotics for me. The first (Cephalexin 500mg / 4xDay) was started last Thursday. Friday it was replaced by Doxycycline 100mg / 2xDay, and today (Monday) switched to Amox/Clav K 500-125mg / 3xDay. As a reasonable person I do worry. Of course I have no clue about their differences, and if any of the readers could help, I would appreciate. (Actually this is the first time I made a request to my readers).
I felt better on Saturday, went out for few hours, and Sunday went to work. After just couple of hours the swelling around the incision felt like a very tight bicycle tube around my waist. I had to go home and knock myself out.
Sunday and today I feel pain (not great, just very unpleasant) and I am mentally exhausted. On top of it the school starts in two weeks and I am NOT READY. However I am not going to rush it though, since I feel that I aggravated my condition last week by going back too early.
So the grand finale of this blog will have to end.
Thursday I will go to the Bariatric Center for my yearly (in this case belated yearly) checkup. This always involves the ‘official’ photos. I just can wait.
Even though I am very frustrated by the recovery, I am also incredibly happy with the results. As soon as I will have these pictures – I will post them here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Drain

The drilling at the hospital was successful and new tube installed. The procedure was done in the old McKenzie-Willamette hospital, and that is now a very depressing site. Hope to avoid it in the future. The culture was analyzed and the antibiotics I was started on yesterday do nothing for it, so new series started today. I am hurt and sort of depressed, and mostly tired. Time to knock myself out and go to bed.
One really cool thing was to watch ultra-sound display, and see the 'reservoir' being punctured by the tube and shrinking out, knowing that this was inside my belly.
Now I wonder how much that thrill will cost me. It took them about one hour to do it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


OK - Doctor removed the drain today, however only because there are early infection signs. He started me on antibiotics. Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for a small procedure to pinpoint the 'bubble' and to insert new tube - of course I'm disappointed.
On the positive side - I look great.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four Weeks

The drain on the right side is still there and draining a lot (around 150-220 cc daily) and no &^%#$ end in sight. I am very frustrated, not sleeping well and still hurt. I had to go back to work since my preparation for the Fall term turned out incomplete with the University switching to Office 2010/Win 7. My publisher's tools do not work!
I am getting pissed.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Useful Post

I found this very helpful post about medications after bariatric surgery.
Please check
Otherwise no major changes. I am planning to go to work for few hours today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Weeks

After three weeks from the surgery I still have one (very productive) drain tube. It means that I will be tied to home until at least next Tuesday. I feel much better, but still long way from being well. I wish I would have a remote controlling my life with the fast-forward button.
Actually having fast-backward button would also be nice 8^)