Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back from Mexico!

This morning I returned from 10 day trip to Mexico. I went sightseeing old pyramids of Monte Alban, enjoyed the sights of Oaxaca, tropical beeches of Huatulco, and the warmth of Cuernavaca. And of course the food! I knew this will be the challenge. I do not want to live a crippled life, which is not why I underwent the surgery. I wanted NEW life. It turned out just fine. At the fancy restaurants the food of choice was Ceviche, which is raw seafood marinated in lemon juice, and served various styles, but usually as an appetizer or cocktail. It is a perfect combination of low fat good protein, veggies, and no starches. Only once my little pouch rebelled when I decided to have a Fillet-Mignon medallion, but it lasted not too long. The end result – I lost 4 lbs on the trip and I reached a new low of 104.2. 
Tomorrow it will be 6 months since the surgery. I am in the totally new world.  Even though I have not achieved my weigh goal yet (I will) I’m facing different challenges. As I can eat more foods, tolerate more variety, there is a danger of getting back to old habits.  Like a recovering alcoholic, I pray to be strong and resist the temptations. The stomach surgery took couple of hours; the resulting brain ‘surgery’ will be a lifelong process.

To Lisa:

You wrote:
“I have to ask you...did you have a fear of dying during the surgery? This is what scares me the most. I'm not afraid of the diet afterwords, or what I'll have to endure pain wise...I'm afraid of dying during the surgery.”
I know what you mean – especially since you are a mom to two little girls and have no other medical problems. I did not have your dilemma; other than my two cats I have nobody who depends on me, and my diabetes was out of control. I knew that diabetes will cripple or kill me, and for me the probability of dying from the surgery was significantly lower that dying from the diabetic complications.
I think it is VERY WISE to be afraid. This should NOT BE a cosmetic surgery or something that should be considered frivolously. Only you can weight all pros and cons. If you decide on the surgery, please consider also other less invasive options like a gastric sleeve.
For me my surgery worked fabulously, but that does not make it a universal rule.
Good luck!