Thursday, December 24, 2009

To Lisa:

You wrote:
“I have to ask you...did you have a fear of dying during the surgery? This is what scares me the most. I'm not afraid of the diet afterwords, or what I'll have to endure pain wise...I'm afraid of dying during the surgery.”
I know what you mean – especially since you are a mom to two little girls and have no other medical problems. I did not have your dilemma; other than my two cats I have nobody who depends on me, and my diabetes was out of control. I knew that diabetes will cripple or kill me, and for me the probability of dying from the surgery was significantly lower that dying from the diabetic complications.
I think it is VERY WISE to be afraid. This should NOT BE a cosmetic surgery or something that should be considered frivolously. Only you can weight all pros and cons. If you decide on the surgery, please consider also other less invasive options like a gastric sleeve.
For me my surgery worked fabulously, but that does not make it a universal rule.
Good luck!

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