Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obesity Discussion Forum

I discovered the Obesity Discussion forum, and I feel that it will be a great resource for support and exchange of ideas. Please check if interested in the topic. I was surprised to see how much negative feedback is made regarding weight loss surgeries, but I actually understand it. The surgery carries a large risk, and by no means guarantees success. However I am also glad that I went through it. My diabetes is gone - and that has nothing to do with diet. The doctor stated that they really do not know how it works, but the surgery makes one very sensitive to insulin, where insensitivity was before. I have been overweight for the last 25 years. Up, down, but the trend was up. Every year I promised myself to end that! And every year I failed. The decision for the surgery is a simple acknowledgment that I am not going to fool myself any more. This is my new chance, new opportunity. I will not waste that.
As they say - it is a tool, not a solution. I embraced that tool.