Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 9 - Allergic Reaction continues.

Yesterday I took max doses of antihistamine and it knocked me out cold. The allergic reaction continues, but so far is not getting worse. The problem is that when I take antihistamine I am dizzy, and I would rather not put a shirt on as it aggravates the rash. That means not going out – and it is 4th of July weekend and weather is spectacular. So many things are happening in Eugene in the next three days, First Friday Art Walk, Maude Kern’s Art & the Vineyards, etc., but I will have to stay home half naked and on drugs… 8^)

I was told that my reaction is to the glue they used to keep the skin together. Stitches underneath, glue on top. They told me that this reaction is rare, but they have seen it before.