Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Melanie

I am not sure if you received my response. Just in case, here is 'public' version:

Hi Melanie,
Congratulations on your surgery - big step!
To answer your question, try to get unflavored protein mix and add it to chicken broth. Greek yogurt (which has a lot of live cultures and is thicker) is good easy start. Also try Kefir - not many people know about it - but it is not just pro-biotic but PRE-biotic, in other words it has nutrients to feed pro-biotic bacteria.
I live only a block from Trader Joe - and the books are:

Cooking with all things Trader Joe

The I Love Trader Joe ( )

Good luck to you - and do not get discouraged. The first three months could be unpleasant, but every time I test my blood sugar and step on the scale - I and incredibly happy.

Best wishes!