Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 11 - Broken rule

I spent another day mostly sleeping. I decided to ignore the guidelines and make myself something different. I took two spoons of Tuna in Water (I opened a can to feed my cats), added two spoons of plain yogurt, and a dash of mustard. I mixed it into a very moist paste - and eat it. Two hours later - no adverse reaction!
Back to sleep!

Day 11 – Tired and sleepy

The allergic reaction got under control, ointment and antihistamine kept it in check. At the same time I feel like this bout took a lot of my energy. After 10 days of liquid diet I feel light-headed, sleepy, and tired. I noticed that after surgery I kept my AC at 70F, but every day it seemed like I was getting chills and AC thermostat was gradually raised to the present 78F.