Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things Are Looking Up

I am starting my third week with only one drain tube and container. Pain is much lighter now, however my right side is still very sensitive. Since handling one drain is manageable, today I put on some lose clothes and drove to the farm market. This was my first escape.
I can do more around the house, however few things happen to be beyond my capacity. I opened (lifted) the window in the bedroom during the day, however closing it created a rip that made me sit for 20 min in a lot of pain. My next appointment with surgeon is Tuesday and I hope that the last drain will be removed. I think that by the end of next week I should be relatively mobile.
But every time I look into a mirror I am so glad I went through it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just grind your teeth

I went to see my doctor today about that pain. Two major suspicions:

1. The right drain tube is touching some nerve
2. One of the stitches broke

Unfortunately he could not do anything for either one. I am still draining way too much so the removal of the drain is not possible at this time. If the stitch broke, again there is nothing that could be done and with time it will heal.

So what the solution - nothing - pain pills, and wait until next visit on Tuesday. Once the drain tubes will be removed I think there will be some relief.

Back to the zombieland.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not as fast....

Yesterday there was a step back. I started to hurt badly on right side, became very uncomfortable, could not sleep well, and went back for the pain pills. They helped. Today the pain continues, but no signs of infection or other trouble. Back to the pain med and back to the zombie land. I am still draining a lot. They will remove the drain tubes as total drainage will be less than 30 cc per day, but it still ranges at around 250-300 cc / day. Somehow I was hoping it would have been faster. So I wait, wait...

One week

Tired of sleeping in the chair, tired of still having tubes, tired of not being able to escape problems at school, clock - fast forward please.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Five

Great. Don't cough, don't sneeze. Great. Don't cough, don't sneeze. Great. Don't cough, don't sneeze. Great. Don't cough, don't sneeze.
Recovery is fast, but don't cough, don't sneeze...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day four

The recovery is truly amazing. I am totally off pain medication (other than pain pump on my neck) and relatively pain free as long as I do not do anything stupid, like sliding my netbook off my knees into my stomach... My biggest complaint is sleeping in the chair (last night was pretty much sleepless), still having that pain pump, drain tubes, and no shower. I feel like I will be able to get to somehow normal life soon, ahead of the schedule and doctor's prediction. I can get up from chair pretty well, as long as I bend my knees I can stand pretty straight. Tomorrow morning I'll see the doctor, and hopefully he will get rid of some of the drain tubes, pump, and containers. Actually I am looking forward to see myself in the mirror for the first time without all these pads, tubes, etc. Speaking is still more difficult...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Days After Abdominoplasty

Thursday 8/12/10 early in the morning I had my tummy tuck. I had many concerns, from the caregiver help I need to hire, to keeping my cats away from me. First, the caregiver, who is an old acquittance and in the middle of her 2-year nursing program, turned out to be just great. Big thanks. My cats somehow sensed that they have to stay away from me, after couple of attempts to jump on the recliner, they just watch me from the distance. This is amazing.
The recovery:
Day one as predicted. Sore, bent in 90 degrees. Thankful for the pain killers. I went to see doctor that day - and he seemed to be very proud of his handiwork. From the repositioning of the belly button, to proclaiming some kind of record of stitching the muscles first at the edges (9 cm), but because that was still very loose, he went for 14 cm stitch, and finally for his record 28 cm. It was very reassuring to see him being so excited and proud. He warned me that the next two days will be worse as swelling will increase and should be at the max during day 3. Well, the next day was much better and today is even better. Friday the swelling and the new tightness made it difficult to breathe, but that is no longer happening. I will cut down the pain pills today, and see how I am doing without them. I am beginning to feel very ecstatic about that surgery knowing that worse is behind me. All is paid - at the tune of $10K, but that does not include other expenses like supplies, lab work, and caregiver. Overall this adventure will cost me about $13K. Out of pocket, as insurance does not cover anything. I suspect an additional bill because the surgery took an extra hour. After bariatric bypass I had an infection which resulted in ugly scar after one of the incisions. When Dr. Movassaghi called me after surgery, his first question was: "Do you know when do you have your belly button?" Trying to be smart Alec I guessed "Above my knee?"
I should not make jokes. He repositioned it exactly where I had the scar (and hernia underneath).
Overall I am in much better shape that I was expecting and that I was told I will be. That is why I can sit in my recliner and use my laptop...
To be continued...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Surprise - more like an explosion...

I need to share it almost in real time.
It is 1:10 am. Close to midnight I was ready to go to bed, and before I decided to try a glass of alcohol for the first time since the surgery. I was warned that it will hit me fast, but since I was going to bed...
I did not want to open bottle of wine, but I had a bottle of sweet liqueur in my fridge, so I had a glass. Within few minutes I hated the world around me, myself, liqueur, and all. I was like a heart attack. My breath was rapid and short, I could not sit, standing was not better. For about 15-20 minutes it was MISERY!. If this would happen without me drinking, I would call 911. That was 'dumping' I was warned, but unlike ANYTHING I experienced before. Now, one hour later I am almost OK, but I just cannot imagine having glass of wine outside as I was tempted many times...
What a punishment.
I am getting ready for my abdominoplasty and diastasis repair next week. I hired someone to stay with me for the first three days. Finding someone I could trust and depend on was not easy, but it was just too much to ask friends to do it. Such is single life.
At the university - many changes for the next academic year, some of them unexpected and will require significant amount of work. I am not sure to what degree I will be ready. Just one more thing to worry about.

It is now 1:20am and I am almost recovered. What an unpleasant trip.