Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Liquid is Still Accumulating

I am disheartened as I can feel the liquid bouncing back and forth. I called doctor's office and need to see him in the morning. I am afraid that I will have to have new drains placed, but in the morning I will have a meeting with his HUGE syringe with a major league needle. Somehow it resemble turkey baster.
I am now getting mentally exhausted. I feel like this thing is robing my energy, afternoon swelling and pain is taking it's toll. And I have to stay on top of lectures. There I feel like an actor on stage. When I lecture, I forget about my problems. I am 100% there. But after the performance - I am totally worn out.
Since it is  seven weeks since the surgery and the liquid is still accumulating, I also worry that my healing is not going the way it should, and now I just cannot afford to be anything less than 100% all the time.
Tonight I went to bed early hoping to have a nice long sleep. Unfortunately, one hour later my phone rang - wrong number, but it was over one hour ago and I cannot go back to sleep.
I do not want to turn off my phone as I expect call from doctor's office early in the morning about the time for visit, which has to be in the morning as I teach the whole afternoon.