Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No more complications - back on the recovery track!

Today's surgeon's visit showed that all complications are gone. Yippee!
What a relief...
Now big thanks to Dr. Dariusz Zawierucha (Dr. Z.)  and PA Marvin McAllister at the Radiology Associates for working with me and getting rid of this persistent problem. Also big thanks to Dr. Movassaghi and his wonderful staff. I always felt their concern, encouragement, and relentless desire to help.
I believe that my year-and-a-half  trip is coming to a very happy end.
I feel the energy coming back, and the desire to do things instead of going to bed is a welcome change. Looking forward to bicycling, walking, and may be even jogging, to the stomach muscles exercises...
Back into shape, loose additional 15 lbs.