Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two years went by…

Today is my second surgiverasary. My life is changed. It changed dramatically, and for much better. My health problems like Diabetes, Apnea, and neuroma are all gone. My energy had come back to almost previous level. This was different from other WLS patients who seem to get an energy boost almost instantly. For me it took almost two years.
I never reached my goal of below 170 lbs (the weight of my youth) but may be this goal was not rational. What worries me is that I leveled off at around 195, and that is 15 lbs (at least) too much. Well, still it is work in progress. The recovery from abdominoplasty (almost one year ago) was also long and only recently the pains disappeared. So I can honestly state that for me it was two years of painful process, but life is finally ‘normal’. 
I am very glad that I went through this all. At times it was a nightmare, but eventually I woke up to a bright new day. I almost forgot what it feels to be obese. Next month I will be 64. Until I was 40 my weight was OK fluctuating between 170 and 200, however it exploded after my back injury and the following 10 years of lack of exercise (plus some serious overeating). In 1986 I was married (happily divorced now) and my wedding weight was 170 lbs. The back injury happened later same year. By 1996 I was way over 300 lbs. I do not know how much – I stopped weighting myself, but from doctors records I know that I hit 330+. The weight loss/gain yoyo continued for many more years, health problems developed. So now, being at less than 200 lbs. feels normal, because in reality I spent half of my life at this weight, not the last 25 years before the surgery. I feel like I am BACK!
I still desire to loose additional 15-20 lbs. But I am OK if I do not.
I enjoy being diabetes free. I enjoy not having sleep apnea. I enjoy not having the neuroma and horrible pain in my feet. I enjoy shopping for clothes.
I turned back my weight, and in some strange way I also turned back the clock. I feel I have 30 more great years ahead of me; working, bicycling, motorcycling, writing, and living.
I never regretted the choice I made to have these two surgeries, but now I am just very thankful I had them.

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  1. I have read through your blog. Great info. I am 10 weeks post surgery and things have been going great! You can see my story here:

    Wish you all the best.

    The Thinning Man