Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off All Those Pounds I Lost, I Miss My Butt The Most

I have a big BMW motorcycle with a very comfortable custom seat, but my scooter, even though it is very big for a scooter (400lbs+, 500cc), that I use almost every day, crated problems. My tailbone hurts like crazy. It started on my flight to Italy and back, thanks to the terrible airplane seats, and riding scooter just hurts. I miss my butt! Today a new custom saddle is being built for me. I am waiting impatiently.
Since my last post my weight went down substantially into very low 190s, but in the last two days it jumped up by 5 lbs. I see that this is going be a lifelong struggle. I wish I could stop eating at all, just as I quit smoking over 30 years ago. I’ve got rid of diabetes 5 weeks after R-N-Y bypass, but I am still hypoglycemic, and if I don’t eat, my sugar drops to the point of being shaky and almost passing out. I have great craving for carbs – and do not deal well with meat. That is total reversal of my pre-surgery eating preferences.

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