Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Somehow the New Year finds me in a reflective mood. I feel like finally I arrived at my destination after a very long and exhausting trip.

I re-read my blog again - from the beginning. I forgot so many events and I am glad that I have this (public) record.

I feel great, my weight is at 190 (plus/minus couple of pounds), and all discomfort is gone. I don’t remember me being so optimistic and forward looking in a very, very long time.

It has been year and a half, and since the process started, almost two years. My life has changed. All of my health problems are gone, my diabetes is a long past history, apnea is forgotten, and CPAP machine is sitting in the garage. The only medication I take is Armour Thyroid. I know that the insurance company will get ahead financially and recoup the cost of my surgery. My prospects are bright. My energy is really coming back, something that was lacking for most of that year and half.

This is not an empty talk, but I do believe that 2011 will be the best year of my life. When I put on my size 34 pants I have an instant happy grim. At most I was at size 48, most of the pre-surgery time at size 46. Roughly each inch of my waistline represents 10 lbs.

There are some funny negative consequences of this weight loss. I do ride motorcycles. Almost daily I ride my maxi-scooter to the university, but for the long trips I take my big BMW. And I tell you, I miss my ass! I feel that loss of padding after few hours. But that is fun in the scope of things.

I am still the same person, but I think about myself differently. When I was 30 I quit smoking after many years of strong addiction. That was the most difficult thing I had done and something I was most proud - until now. I am so glad that before the year was over I healed, and I am facing new life with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Happy New Year to all of you who followed this blog, who just dropped in once in a while, who are just checking in considering similar trip, or to many people who will visit here in the future.

I will keep updating this blog, not as frequently, but I will continue to report.

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