Monday, May 10, 2010

After CAT

I went to see the surgeon today to evaluate CAT scan results.
I had good and bad news.
First (expected), there is no abdominal hernia. There are two small ‘inguinal hernias’ that are stable comparing to CAT scan in 2007.  However, the abdominal wall is very thin; therefore I need to have plastic surgeon to the rescue to repair the belly and the muscle, so I contacted one.
Second (unexpected), the CAT scan indicated ‘Urinary bladder wall is diffusely thickened. There is apparent defect at the superior portion of the prostate gland…
Doctor recommended to see urologist, and I already made an appointment for June 4th. Thickening of the wall bladder could be a symptom of many problems, so I am not ready to speculate.
As Gilda Radner used to say: “There is always something…”

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