Monday, March 1, 2010

Much better...

These were tough few weeks. Real crisis. I haven't felt zombie like this in a long, long time. Slowly things started to get better. Increased iron and B12 might have helped, however I also made a conscientious decision to eat more  as I was suspecting that eight months of very limited diet might produce that tiredness.  It worked, at least it appears that it is working. Yesterday instead of going to school to prepare for Monday I decided to take advantage of beautiful Spring weather and went on 250 mile motorcycle trip along the incredible Oregon coast. The energy is coming back as well as desire to to something else than just recline in the chair. I also started to take Melatonin and that helped to get good night rest. Before I would wake up at 3AM, not anymore. So this was just one more pothole on the road. They warned me it will not be smooth.
Thanks you very much to all of you who send me emails with your wishes and worries. I will respond individually today. Yesterday's open road, sun, and ocean was finally a game-changer. On the negative side - I am still waiting to break 200lbs barrier. It will happen.

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